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How to Properly Handle Deck Area Leaks

Part of a sufficient deck construction process is ensuring it is installed by professionals so that you do not have to worry about leaks developing. Preventing leaks is dependent on the exact material used and how well the deck is built upon the existing house. Many times, a leak on the deck is not necessarily a result of something wrong with the deck itself. Occasionally, leaks develop from other problems near the area.

The wall flashing of a house needs to be maintained property. Leaks can form near the windows, lighting fixtures and electrical outlets. In the event your house has stucco walls, it will need to be coated with an elastomeric material.

Sometimes leaks develop at the threshold. Many decks come with a sliding door to make it easy for people in the house to access the outside area. During deck construction, it is important for the contractor to ensure the area at the bottom joints has enough support. When a leak is a result of a faulty door, it will require a professional to completely remove the door to reinforce the failing joints, which is an extensive process.

A professional will look at every area to locate the source of the leak, but occasionally, a leak is a result of a failure within the decking membrane itself. There are a variety of reasons this can occur. Some common explanations include splits in the membrane, delamination or nail heads inadequately penetrating the surface. If the issue is small enough, a contractor may be able to repair that one area. However, more times than not, the contractor needs to completely take out the existing deck and install a new one.

Whoever oversaw deck construction should come out whenever the deck experiences a leak. This person will know what to look for to troubleshoot the problem exactly. Do not delay getting the repairs you require.



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