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Accessible Bathing Options

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

When mobility becomes a concern or even a thought for the future your shower contractor has the options for you to meet those needs.

Walk-in Tubs

Getting into and out of a standard tub can be difficult for anyone, but especially someone with stiff joints, recent injuries, or any mobility issue. Walk-in Tubs provide a solution for someone that wants a good

soak but easy access. You can get them with added.

Shower Seat's and Benches

We can easily add a non-permanent option if you'll be adding this in a bathroom that will be accessed by others or this will be a temporary need after a surgery or even just a house guest or relative. We can also offer something that will be a little more secure we offer built-in seat options. These can be color-matched to your shower choice or be something that is ordered from a medical supply facility or similar. We can find something that will fit your needs.

Grab Bars or Safety Bars

We can install grab bars in the locations you need them near the toilet, tub, and shower to make it easier to maneuver around your bathroom safely. We can provide grab bars that are not only functional ascetically pleasing. We can get grab bars in a variety of finishes and styles to match your fixtures of choice.​

Handheld and Adjustable Shower Heads

We can install easily accessible handheld shower heads with duel showering options. You have the choice to add an adjustable vertical slide bar to get it at just the right height. So you can be hands-free if needed, but keeping it in reach for when you do. Making washing a task that is easy for anyone helping or still managing on their own.

Reduced Threshold Showers

We have several base options that provide us the ability to order a very low threshold in your walk-in shower. Giving you the ability to easily step into the shower without having to step over a tub side or a tall edge of a standard shower base.

Full Access Showers

We also offer edge free shower designs. Making them easy to maneuver and free of obstruction making them accessible to any needed accessories in the shower. You may have also heard these referred to as roll-in showers.

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